We are the newest most up to date guild you will find in the industry. All of our maps are custom maps that designed by us from a blank sheet. All ideas and concepts are ours from scratch. Our members along with our admins submit ideas for new maps and then we create them for your enjoyment. We also design custom maps for many different brands around the world. This is our in game coupons concept, where you can scan qr codes with a map and win FREE items along with major discounts on gaming products.


These are the main ADMINS of the servers, everyone above can make you a member at any given time.

{ViP}DJ-Culture [1Million]

{ViP} dmanextreme






JOIN OUR CLAN Visit our forum and sign up or simply go into our servers and find one of the admins to join.

BECOME AN ADMIN In order to become an admin you must email us at info@viralpwnage.com or simply messege us on steam and let us know what you want to do.

CURRENT GIVEAWAYS AIRCOMAUDIO gave us 5 A3 ear buds to giveaway at our next server party!

PARTNER WITH US If you have a clan or a guild or you run a server then contact us. We will be able to do giveaways and possibly be able to cover the cost of your server depending on the situations. Viralpwnage will be here for a long time to come so get started now!